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Take Fear and Anxiety Out of Dental Visits for the Whole Family

Thousands of people experience dental fear or anxiety, but we believe this common condition shouldn’t stop you or any member of your family from receiving the dental care you need. If you find yourself routinely avoiding dental appointments, you may be putting your oral and overall health at risk. For convenient, comfortable dental care, Dr. Chris Givens is happy to offer sedation dentistry. Sedation is often an ideal solution for routine treatments and complex cases alike.

Dr. Given talks about the sedation options they offer and the benefits
dental patient under sedation White House, TN

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

  • Alleviate fear or anxiety
  • Comfortable, stress-free dental visits
  • Virtually pain-free dentistry
  • Little to no memory of treatment
  • Remain in control to communicate with your doctor
  • Get more work done in less time
  • Allows for more complete dental care

Take Advantage of Our Sedation Dentistry Options

Just as there are different levels of dental fear or anxiety, there are different levels of sedation dentistry to meet your unique needs depending on your treatment plan.

Local Anesthetic

local anesthetic

With a local anesthetic, a medication is injected into the gum tissues of the specific area of the mouth being worked on. When it takes effect, your cheeks, chin and tongue may feel heavy, which means the anesthetic is working to block the nerve signals that trigger the pain response. The result is a virtually pain-free dental procedure.

Oral Sedation

dental patient taking oral sedation

Oral sedation is a small pill taken approximately one hour prior to the start of your appointment that creates a calm, euphoric feeling. This type of sedation dentistry helps you feel relaxed and comfortable when you arrive to our office for your appointment. While oral sedation is a relatively harmless sedation dentistry option, we do recommend a companion bring you to and from your appointment for safety.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

dental patient under nitrous oxide sedation

Nitrous oxide sedation, or “laughing gas,” is a heavier sedation dentistry option typically recommended for more complex cases. The effects are only felt for the duration of your treatment, and Dr. Givens has control over your level of comfort the entire time, making it both safe and effective.

Conscious Sedation

dental patient under conscious sedation

Conscious sedation combines a sedative and an anesthetic to help you relax and block pain throughout your dental procedure. Most patients stay awake with this level of sedation dentistry but it is recommended you have a companion bring you home after treatment.

Minimally-Invasive, Conservative Care for a Better Dental Experience

When you choose to take advantage of sedation dentistry you can relax even further knowing that you will be taken care of by Dr. Givens, a member of Doctors of Oral Conscious Sedation (DOCS). He has the skill and expertise required to provide you and your family with minimally-invasive, conservative dental care for a better dental experience that enables you to get the care you need while alleviating the dental fear and anxiety that was holding you back.

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Take control of dental fear or anxiety with sedation dentistry at your next appointment.

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