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A Healthy Smile Starts with a Solid Foundation

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Restore Your Natural Appearance withBone Grafting

After you lose a tooth your mouth immediately begins to undergo drastic changes. Within the first year alone, your jaw bone will recede and begin to put other teeth at risk while creating a sagging, aged appearance. As the bone continues to deteriorate over time, you could face complications such as: loose, shifting or moving teeth; teeth that fall out or need extraction; unnatural jaw contouring; a changing facial appearance. With bone grafting, Dr. Chris Givens and Dr. Jared Britt can prevent further bone loss and rebuild healthy bone levels to repair the natural contouring of your bone and chin. This not only restores health to your smile and allows for the placement of dental implants, but improves the natural look of your smile as well.

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Reverse the Effects of Jaw Bone Loss

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For patients that experience bone loss associated with gum disease, tooth loss or other trauma, we may recommend bone grafting as part of your smile makeover. For more comprehensive makeovers that include dental implants, bone grafting may be the go-to solution to restore sufficient bone levels to ensure we can place your implants in a stable, reliable jaw bone foundation. Our doctors will evaluate your specific circumstances and discuss bone grafting options with you to establish a treatment plan that results in successful, long-lasting dental implant placement.

Benefits to Your Oral Health and Appearance

If bone grafting is part of your treatment plan, you can expect:


  • Candidacy for dental implants
  • Restoration of bone density, height and width
  • Strengthened jaw bone
  • Protection against shifting, moving or loosening of existing teeth
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Achieve Your Smile
Goals, Safely

Undergoing certain dental procedures may make some patients feel uncomfortable, especially if they experience any level of dental fear or anxiety. If bone grafting is part of your treatment plan, please discuss our dental sedation options with Dr. Givens or Dr. Jared Britt. A member of Doctors of Oral Conscious Sedation (DOCS), Dr. Givens is happy to provide you with oral, nitrous or oral and conscious sedation to help you feel relaxed and comfortable to get the treatment you need to achieve your smile goals.

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