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Permanent Full Arch Tooth Replacement

Dr. Givens talks about the benefits of implants supported dentures

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Modern Tooth Replacement

Missing teeth and ill-fitting dentures can introduce a host of problems, from difficulties eating and speaking to slipping dentures that can create uncomfortable situations. While dentures are a traditional solution for tooth replacement, modern dentistry has designed a more permanent, comfortable alternative. Dr. Chris Givens and Dr. Jared Britt offer implant supported dentures, an option that combines the benefits and features of dental implants with a natural-looking denture restorative piece.

Live Confidently with a Comfortable, Functional Fit

implant supported dentures model White House, TN

Implant supported dentures integrate the time-tested reliability of dentures with the modern advantages of dental implants. Since dental implants are implanted directly into the jaw bone, they provide the natural stimulation your bone needs to maintain your natural facial profile, helping to prevent the sagging, aged appearance commonly associated with dentures. Implant supported dentures are both durable and long-lasting, offering the look, feel and function of natural teeth without daily frustrations like slipping, clicking or pastes.

A Reliable, Long-Term Solution for Missing Teeth

When you choose the stability of implant supported dentures to replace a full arch of missing teeth, or transition from dentures, you are choosing a modern tooth replacement solution that delivers the following benefits:

  • Restored ability to bite, chew and speak
  • Enhanced functionality like that of natural teeth
  • Reliable, long-term solution without pastes or cleaning solutions
  • Stable, comfortable fit designed to fit your mouth
  • Fixed solution for increased confidence and security

Modern Technology for the Best Possible Results

As a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Drs. Givens and Britt are committed to taking dental care to the next level, incorporating modern dental technologies into our practice that enhance the patient experience. When it comes time to place your dental implants in preparation for your implant supported dentures, they will use guided implant surgery to ensure both accuracy and precision. Once they are placed and your smile is complete, the doctors will continue to offer both routine care and restoration services, if needed.

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Learn how implant supported dentures can help you smile comfortably and confidently!

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