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Safe and Effective Laser Soft Tissue Treatment

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Virtually Pain-Free Soft Tissue Treatments

Laser dentistry eliminates the need for scalpels or drills for soft tissue treatments by introducing the use of an advanced, but gentle and minimally-invasive laser for soft tissue treatments. With the help of an Ivoclar Odyssey Navigator Diode laser, our doctors can provide patients with precise treatment that targets problem areas without harming healthy gums and tissues or causing unnecessary discomfort. With this piece of modern dental technology at our practice, we can provide you with soft tissue treatment that alleviates dental anxiety and gets you back on your feet almost immediately after treatment.

Suitable for Both Simple and Complex Procedures

The laser’s gentle but efficient nature makes it a versatile piece of equipment that offers a host of advantages for our patients seeking a wide variety of soft tissue treatments.

  • Frenectomies


    With our dental laser, our doctors can gently remove a portion of the soft tissue connecting the upper lip and tongue to the mouth, enabling less restricted movement for things such as speaking or eating, all while keeping your child safe and comfortable.

  • Gingivectomies


    If your mouth is plagued by gum disease, the tissue affected by infection faces detrimental consequences. Laser soft tissue treatment can gently remove diseased gum tissue to restore health and appearance.

  • Mouth Ulcer Treatment

    mouth ulcer treatment

    Ulcers, otherwise known as canker sores, are painful afflictions of the mouth. In order to relieve the pain and discomfort, we can use our dental laser to eliminate the virus to allow the area to heal much more quickly than other treatments.

  • Fibromal Removal

    Fibromal removal

    A fibroma is a mass of connective tissue, like scar tissue, that is typically the result of chronic irritation on the cheeks, tongue, gums or lower lip. They are generally harmless but bothersome all the same, and can easily be removed with the help of a dental laser if they interfere with your daily life.

  • Crown Lengthening

    crown lengthening

    Gummy smiles occur when there is an excess of gum tissue covering the surface of the teeth. Not only does this create an aged smile, but it also promotes the buildup of bacteria. To improve the appearance of your smile and treat any existing buildup, we can reshape and arch your gums with this laser soft tissue treatment.

Soft tissue treatment shouldn’t be uncomfortable. Change your dental experience with laser dentistry!

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